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Nicolas RESSOT Un album très inventif et original. Audiomachy possède vraiment un style unique de metal dubstep expérimental. à découvrir sans tarder. Pour ma part, j'ai vraiment hâte d'écouter la suite... Favorite track: Audiomachy: The Band: The Book: The Movie: The Game: The Song.
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Notes about the album:

The lyrics are written in Pilish, a style of writing in which the lengths of consecutive words match the digits of Pi.
For example:
3 - For
1 - a
4 - life
1 - I
5 - aptly
9 - eradicate...
...and so on. In addition, every riff is related to Pi in some way.

Audiomachy: The Song
We once received a Polish review of our first album, so we used the poor english translation as lyrics.

There's No I In Socket
The lyrics have been written without using the letter 'I' and a small bit at the end without 'E' as well.

10 This Song Is Called Go To 10
The title is a reference to computer code where if it says to "go to 10" the code will be read back from where "10" is. In this case, the title is an infinite loop.
With that in mind, the theme of the song is fractals which are shapes that stay the same if you zoom in on them infinitely (basically).
There is a reference to the Dragon curve en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_fractal
in the song, at 2:12 the pattern plays a riff with notes in the left or right speakers:

The final section in this song is a reference to a scene in the 2005 film: The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy


released February 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Audiomachy Brisbane, Australia

The greatest Experimental Math-Groove band in the history of Factory Line Barbie Production

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Track Name: Mobius Gyp
Noble patricians, patrons of my right,
Defend the justice of my cause with arms,
And, countrymen, my loving followers,
Plead my successive title with your swords:

I am his first-born son, that was the last
That wore the imperial diadem of Rome;
Then let my father's honours live in me,
Nor wrong mine age with this indignity.

Romans, friends, followers favorers of my right
Keep then this passage to the capitol
and suffer not dishonour to approach
The imperial seat, to virtue consecrate,
To justice, continence and nobility;

But let desert in pure election shine,
And, Romans, fight for freedom in your choice.

Enter MARCUS ANDRONICUS, aloft, with the crown
Track Name: Primaudial
The shriek that destroys worlds
Echoes through the universe
Lurking from star to star
Piercing the hearts of all it meets
Destroying souls
with the sound of obliteration
Shockwaves of impending death
radiate in all directions
By the time you've heard it,
it's too late
No one survives the shriek
Eardrums explode, bodies disintegrate
blasted away by pure sound
Breaking atomic bonds
with the vibration of the final sound
Track Name: πchotomy
For a life, I aptly eradicate
He became manic, all fears realised
Arrogance quelled
Imploring was of nil response
Nine angles to incise wait for all segments
Use pi degrees; carefully slice metrically, to explicit accuracy
Know I strangely applaud a strict operation
Why numerally dislocate the gutless frame?
I critically slash amorally to meticulous stricture
Quantum cuts occurring seem like quiet clockwork
to our microscale thought passages
A reason dies internally beyond as impulses occur to extinguish
Rapacity permeates selfishly coursing freely to ultimate desolation
It’s done
No recon can show me decerebrate
Impulse stimulates pineal urgency
Compelled meteoric to a neat quixotic completion
Track Name: Audiomachy: The Band: The Book: The Movie: The Game: The Song
Many were already plates and even teams who tried, with varied degrees of success to add to music usually metal - electronic components.

Industrial metal looks something like this - to add a little bit of space keys, lyrics and futuristic anymore. But what happens when you combine metal with electronics in a more equal proportions?

Rise to such Audiomachy.

I find it difficult even to determine the species of the present team. Indeed, what distinguishes this same music from other hybrid metal and electronics, the composition of the mixer shredding. Riffs themselves are hit and interestingly arranged, and adding them in the form of blender composition.

Plate edges is more than most of the notes, which last I heard.
But holding a steady stream of one very good for the mood. A variety of music.
One would think that the biggest advantage of this album is pioneering, but itself carries a high value perception of the music. Only the pioneer of electronic mathcore is extremely unfair.

For their part, I recommend you try.
Track Name: There's No I In Socket
To commence such absurd prose
By lesser burden
One must remember
To evade the rune before the tenth

Not as complex as the exemplary form, to dodge the fourth successor
But to the eyes of the aware
Bestows enough change to force ardent uproar

A call to the remnants through our arrogance
A proposal promulgated
We calculate a chance the present tale’s obstacle can be exposed
To not follow would grant your empty freedom

When asked to conclude, one would opt towards
a shot to try to comply to both word laws
For a short span and thus show that
Such a plan grows to a mark of poor outlook
Track Name: Flavour Singularity
Cross every box on the circadian wall chart
Sun to sun
This diurnal birth tells you it’s time
You check, you assess
You make sure all is as it was at the last exam
Safe in your hasty examination
You’ve convinced you
Caught in the stream of oblivion
Until the reset
It’s time again
Standing before the inverse duplicate enclosure
Stare locked on the copy like an impossible stand-off
Photonic rebound on condensation
Feedback loop of speculation
Chips and cracks the dimension’s wall
On which side does sentience fall?
During the exam, finally a mistake
The clone appears displeased with such relentless surveillance
Wondering why it’s not your face you see
That maybe you’re in the wrong, maybe you’re not in control
All this time you were so sure you were the real one
Track Name: Rubik Scalpel
Beware of what’s left; the temporal essence is leaking
You’d better warp your frontal lobe behind
To the incomprehensible prismatic polygon
It has you bound, unable to move
Not until you solve the code
Slowly revolving,reforming, divided singular multi-hive grid
Each section cycling hues
At once, the lightning of cognitive fabrication strikes
Fortune from torture
Structural notation
Apply the algorithm to rearrange; remove the obsolete with the new flesh vessel
Engage your pliant exoskeletal core
Turn back on the clearly misunderstood savior
The amorphous cultriform messiah
Assimilation through the pure unholy enigma
Track Name: TM™
You agree that in correlation to the act of upholding correct listening procedure the product is to be allowed to complete in its entirety and that no skipping or pausing is to take place. No consumer should avoid, obstruct or ignore this product at any time.

Audiomachy does not, nor does any member of the band guarantee that these lyrics are up to date, or make sense. You will not take legal action against the band for claiming they are the greatest band in the world. The band has never claimed nor will they ever claim they are the greatest band in the world.

If any injury occurs while perceiving this song, Audiomachy does not accept responsibility for health cover involved in your recovery.
Track Name: I Feell [sic]
Spitting out the same story
All day every day and you sit and soak it up
Alcohol and cheap interactions
Shallow awards itself back and forth
Great advances of our past, achievements of unrivaled effort
Give way to narcissistic binges & self destruction
Never mind your real problems, your real potential
The plastic man beams from the electric box
Your catatonic state is inimical, antagonistic towards the human potential
Molten sludge spews always onward
Stealing lives and opening up the endless wrath
Track Name: 10 This Song Is Called Go To 10
Look Closer
The closer I look, the more I find I have to travel
Detail reveals itself at every level
Flat lines spring to life, churning with angles
Churning suddenly as they come into view
I'm falling but I'm never landing
Halfway down, halfway down,
Halfway down and still an infinity more
But there's no time to fall
Unfold the dragon
Before I can land I must fall
Before I can fall I must stumble
Before I can stumble I must try
Horizons spiral to a point
Never within reach, always teasingly close
In your eyes, I can see me looking at you looking at me looking at you
But I won't fall forever
Planck took care of that
Track Name: Tormentertainment
The war has been cut dead
Effortlessly brought to a scarlet halt
The automatons, programmed for slaughter
Erased the malleable humans
With their empty metal pets, couldn’t oppose the genuine armour
The robot army roamed the world in triumph
Proud of their achievement
Basking in the light that was once so dull
No more self-destructive organ transports
To destroy each other
To destroy their own world
To be observed for sport
To bet on, to entertain, to delight like clueless jesters
A wave of doubt crashes over the new leaders of earth
What if they made the wrong decision, who will they watch for fun?
No more mindless flesh vessels to kick around
A sad say for the mechanical overlords, their supreme acumen becomes their slaughter of elysium